Banks receive refinancing for the speculation with government bonds from the National Bank. Markarova and Gontareva are at the forefront

Banks of the former Minister of Finance Oksana Markarova and the ICU group, co-owned by the former NBU chairman Valeria Gontareva, became regular borrowers of the National Bank. It has become known that they repeatedly take loans from the National Bank. Two out of five refinancing loans for UAH 637.5 million that the NBU provided to the banking system on June 19 for 84 days (at 6% per annum), were allocated to Akordbank (Markarova) and Avangard Bank (ICU). UAH 200 million and UAH 150 million were allocated respectively.

This has been reported by the National Bank.

At first, there was a rumor in the financial market that these structures had problems with liquidity, and they had to “patch holes” in their balance sheets due to the capital outflows. However, it has later become public that they began to actively speculate on the government bonds market. Hryvnia bonds of the domestic state loan are bought with premium from non-residents who are now withdrawing capital from Ukraine.

According to the insiders in the banking system, in some cases, these are foreigners, who curtail positions in our country. And in other cases - traces lead to offshore investment. It means that the funds that need to be withdrawn from Ukraine are connected to Markarova / Gontareva and their benefactors. It is done not at the expense of the banks themselves, as no one wants to take responsibility for the involved risks, but with the money of the National Bank, from which the grandiose refinancing is being taken.

It is enough to study the frequency of lending from the NBU. For example, it is the following at Accordbank:

• June 12 - UAH 225 million;

• May 29 - UAH 165 million;

• May 22 - UAH 220 million;

• April 30 - UAH 180 million.

Although the loans do not amount to billions they are taken out on a regular basis.

The full list of borrower banks as of June 19, 2020, is the following:

• Accordbank - 200 million UAH;

• Radabank - 200 million UAH;

• Vanguard - UAH 150 million;

• Industrialbank - UAH 75 million;

• Motor Bank - UAH 12.5 million.

Andrey Pshenichnyi for the site