The Cabinet of Ministers raised the salaries of Klitschko and his deputies

A decision has been made to raise the salary of Kyiv mayor Vitali Klitschko. The Cabinet of Ministers did not explain its motives, however, by resolution No. 441, the official salary of Kyiv mayor was increased by UAH 1.6 thousand up to UAH 19,360. The document has already been published on the government portal.

It must be said that UAH 19.4 thousand is not the mayor’s entire salary. This is only the base remuneration, to which various bonuses and compensations are added. According to Klitschko’s declaration, he earned UAH 318 thousand at the Kyiv City State Administration during 12 months of 2019, that is, about UAH 26.5 thousand per month.  

Klitschko was not the only one whose salary became bigger. His deputies also received the raise - from UAH 13.88 thousand up to UAH 15.125 thousand. It is true that they do not hesitate to assign bonuses to themselves and, in fact, receive significantly more:

• According to the declaration of the First Deputy Chairman of the Kyiv City State Administration Nikolay Povoroznik, in 2019 he earned UAH 892.7 thousand, that is, more than UAH 74 thousand per month.

• Vyacheslav Nepop, who monitors capital construction, housing construction, architectural and construction control, and reconstruction of the housing stock at the Kyiv City State Administration, earned UAH 626.2 thousand. This is UAH 52 thousand per month.

• Peter Panteleev, who runs housing and communal services, landscaping, energy, energy efficiency and conservation, in 2019 received about UAH 64 thousand per month. 

• And Marina Honda, according to her declaration, earned UAH 62 thousand per month.

Most likely, their final salaries will grow even more in 2020, since they will be calculated from the increased base remuneration.

Together with city administrations, the Cabinet of Ministers raised the salaries of the heads of district councils (from UAH 14.3 thousand to UAH 15.5 thousand), local, rural, and village chairmen (from UAH 9.5-15.5 thousand to UAH 11.5-16, 9 thousand) depending on the group of cities. Salaries of department directors in local authorities received increased from UAH 7.5- 8.2 thousand to UAH 8-8.8 thousand, depending on the group of cities.

Andrey Pshenichnyi for the site