The Deposit Insurance Fund filed a UAH 1.48 billion lawsuit against Rozhkova and company

The first deputy chairman of the National Bank, Katerina Rozhkova, became the defendant in the Platinum Bank case. The lawsuit was filed by the Deposit Guarantee Fund for Natural Persons which came to the conclusion that the actions of the structure’s officials led to losses of UAH 1.48 billion, the Finbalance publication writes. Therefore, the DGFNP appealed to the Kyiv Commercial Court with a request to former members of the Platinum Bank board to compensate the depositors for the indicated UAH 1.48 billion loss.

On June 1, 2020, Platinum Bank depositors did not receive all compensations: 98.6% of compensations worth UAH 4.82 billion were paid.

Rozhkova worked at Platinum Bank from 2013 to 2015: initially as a deputy chairman, and then as the chairman of the board. Subsequently, she admitted during an interview with the media that this bank has been problematic since 2015, but she assured that it overcame all the difficult economic situations. Therefore, the provisional administration was introduced into it only in 2017, but not earlier. Despite the controversial story with the courts concerning the MTS deposit, which the company could not receive, and therefore actively litigated.

Rozhkova was believed to have been responsible for the introduction of the provisional administration and the elimination of Platinum bank. Since 2015, she was transferred to work at the National Bank, the NBU Banking Supervision Department, which was strategically important for Platinum Bank. The financial institution would have been closed much earlier without this decision. But with Rozhkova support, it lasted a couple of years, despite customer complaints.

This time was required to hide further the financial problems of Platinum Bank, which received refinancing from the NBU, issued insider loans, and withdrew financial capital. All of this was done under Katerina Rozhkova’s protection - once the chairman of the Platinum Board, and at that time - the director of the department and the deputy chairman of the National Bank. Rozhkova became a close friend and accomplice in the crimes of the Chairman of the National Bank, Valeria Gontareva. She was continuously being promoted and allowed many liberties.

However, negative consequences still followed. The Deposit Insurance Fund has proven that the actions of the Board of Platinum Bank during the periods of Rozhkova’s work caused a huge loss. The bank provided a lot of benefits repaying the loans. The court order contains a list of these enterprises:

• PE "Logistic Trans";

• LLC "Codom Invest";

• LLC “Osher”;

• LLC "Stratagema-Invest";

• LLC "Titan-South";

• LLC FC “Real Invest”.

In addition, all these companies were allowed to abstain additional collateral that the bank could subsequently sell and repay loans. All these actions later led to a loss of UAH 1.48 billion, which the DGFNP is now trying to surcharge through the Commercial Court.

The defendants in the lawsuit are:

• Katerina Rozhkova;

• Konstantin Smolsky - former chairman of Platinum Bank;

• Grigory Gurtovoy - former chairman of the supervisory board, etc.

All these people led Platinum Bank, and, therefore, are responsible for the consequences of the bank’s actions.

Besides, DGFNP proved that the lion's share of Platinum loans - 95.5% of the total loan portfolio - was provided to related insider parties. It is what Katerina Rozhkova claimed to have been fighting in the National Bank. As it turns out, she has been fighting against herself all this time.

Andrey Pshenichnyi for the site