Dubinsky explains the fuss around the resignation of Smolyi and what will happen to the hryvnia exchange rate

Horror stories that are broadcasted immediately after the resignation of the chairman of the National Bank, Yakov Smolyi, are promoted by George Soros minions’ media. There are tons of speculations about the exchange rate increase to UAH 30-50-100 / USD 1, and all this is complete nonsense, MP Aleksandr Dubinskyi says.

“The National Bank has no influence on the foreign exchange market because it totally ruined the banking system and devastated the savings of citizens. People simply do not have the funds to buy foreign currency. Enterprises do not have the resources due to the quarantine measures and a drop in purchasing ability to buy dollars. Importers do not have money to buy foreign currency,” he explains.

According to the MP’s estimation, the hryvnia exchange rate fluctuations after Smolyi’s resignation will stay within 5%. It is standard practice for the market in such situations.

The hysteria, which was organized by the Soros minions in social networks and the media, is explained very simply - they were removed from the "feeder" in the form of the National Bank of Ukraine.

“They fed on it like parasites. Let us take, for example, the trash media source like the New Time publication by Tomas Fiala, who also owns Dragon Capital investment fund, who makes money on government bonds and is involved in all financial speculations, as well as Gontareva’s ICU. Now she is hiding in London, having earned billions of hryvnias on Ukrainian external and internal debts. They all earned billions of UAH with the help of the National Bank. None of them cares about Ukraine, and Ukrainian people are nothing but a source of enrichment for them, that’s all,” Aleksandr Dubinskyi assures.

He is convinced that the resignation of Yakov Smolyi from the NBU will be the first step of Ukraine to escape external management.

“The National Bank, together with Smolyi, Rozhkov, Churiy, and others, is an element of external management. Moreover, this is a strategic object: an emission center, an inflation control center, a center for managing the country's foreign exchange reserves and banks. Everything with the help of which the Ukrainian economy is controlled,” Dubinskyi emphasizes.

According to him, the resignation of the head of NABU Artem Sytnik, an agent of foreign intelligence services, should follow. After that, it will be possible to talk about shutting down a special project - "Soros minions in Ukraine."

“This is the first step, a very important step, a landmark. I congratulate the President and everyone,” Dubinskyi sums up.

Andrey Pshenichnyi for the site dubinsky.pro