Dubinsky: President Zelensky will veto the law on gambling business

The law on gambling business will soon be vetoed by President Volodymyr Zelenskyy due to two mutually exclusive amendments, Aleksandr Dubinskyi, MP from the Servant of the People faction, said.

“The bill, which the Verkhovna Rada voted for in the second reading and sent to the President for signature, contains two mutually exclusive amendments that do not allow the formation of a commission for supervision of the gambling market. One amendment provides for the creation of a commission by the prime minister alone, which can become a corruption-generating factor and result in the creation of a potential feeding trough for the head of the Cabinet. And the other my amendment obliges to hold a competition to select members of the gambling regulatory commission. The deputies supported both amendments. As a result, the law will not work, because a commission will never be created,” Dubinskyi explains.

The voting will take place according to a quick procedure, most likely at the end of August.

Let us remind you that on July 14, the Rada adopted the law on state regulation of activities related to the organization and conduct of gambling (No. 2285-d) in the second reading.

In particular, the law allows casinos to be placed exclusively on the territory of five-star hotels in Kyiv. Casinos are allowed on the territory of buildings in which hotels of the "four and five stars" category are located for other settlements.

It is important to note that 60% of citizens do not support the legalization of the gambling business and the introduction of a land market. A survey conducted by the Sociological Group "Rating" during July 16-17, 2020 on the topic: "A year after the elections of the Verkhovna Rada: citizens' assessments" provided evidence of these results. According to the survey, 61% of Ukrainians do not support the legalization of the gambling business and 60% - the introduction of a land market. This decision was supported by 26% and 23% of respondents, respectively.