Dubinskyi demands to review the results of the competition for the post of chairman of Oschadbank. Naumov is a preliminary winner

The Member of the Parliament and representative of the Verkhovna Rada in the nomination committee for the selection of independent members of the supervisory boards of state banks, Aleksandr Dubinskyi, demanded to recognize that the competition for the post of chairman of the board of Oschadbank is invalid.

The current chairman of Piraeus Bank Sergey Naumov has won the competition for taking the post. Five people took part in it:

  • Gennady Khelemsky - Deputy Chairman of the Board of Ukrgasbank;
  • Galina Pakhachuk - Deputy Chairman of the Board of Privatbank;
  • Sergey Naumov - Chairman of the Board of Piraeus Bank;
  • Anton Tyutyun - Deputy Chairman of the Board of Oschadbank;
  • Sergey Magdich - Deputy Chairman of the Board of PUMB.

The current chairman of the board of Oschadbank, Andrei Pyshnyi, did not participate in the competition.

Different predictions were made concerning the potential winner of the competition, and different names were being discussed. However, a real scandal broke out at the ‘finish line’ of the selection.

It has become known that all the independent members of the Oschadbank Supervisory Board, including the head of the board, Apin Baiba, received anonymous emails in English with a proposal to support Gennady Khelemsky’s candidacy for a monetary reward. That caused bewilderment and the members of the National Assembly reported it to the security service of the bank. Consequently, a corresponding protocol was compiled.

However, the voting for the chairman was not canceled. It took place, and members of the Supervisory Board voted against Khelemsky in favor of Sergei Naumov. The reason for this is that Khelemsky is associated with high corruption risks.

“Apparently, such a provocation could be beneficial both for Mr. Naumov and the current head of the Oschadbank board, Andrei Pyshniy, who repeatedly opposed the competition (so that he could keep his profitable position). Particularly surprising is the fact that after the letters offering corruption remuneration were received, the competition was not suspended or canceled until it was established who was behind the corruption letters,” Aleksandr Dubinskyi comments on the situation.

He has put forward three requirements in connection with the current situation:

• For the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Security Service of Ukraine - to conduct an investigation and establish who, and in whose interests, offered corruption compensation to members of the Supervisory Board of Oschadbank. And also to determine whether Sergey Naumov, who won the competition as a result of a transpired corruption scandal, was a person interested in these letters.

• For the Ministry of Finance and the Cabinet of Ministers - to declare the competition for the selection of the chairman of the board of Oschadbank invalid.

• For the Supervisory Board of Oschadbank - to conduct a new competition, taking into account the results of the investigation, and after identifying the senders of letters, with a proposal of corruption remuneration to members of the Supervisory Board of the state bank.

Andrey Pshenichnyi for the site dubinsky.pro