How NABU, under the leadership of the corrupt official Sytnik, inflicts colossal damage amounting to tens of millions of dollars and undermines the country's reputation reported a lot about Artem Sytnik who is a legit corrupt official, according to the final court decision, which came into force and is included in the Unified State Register of Corruptors. By the decision of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine dated August 28, 2020, the decree on the appointment of A. Sytnyk to the post of director of NABU was declared unconstitutional, which means the automatic termination of the powers of A. Sytnyk as director of NABU from 28.08.2020. From this date, the mere appearance of this citizen in the office of the director of NABU, the commission of any actions in this office, are criminal offenses. The site also reported on the scandalous incitement to corrupt practices by NABU employees when the SSU officers detained Sytnik's agents who worked undercover.

And today has learned about another scandal related to NABU under the leadership of Sytnyk, in which you can find everything: leaking of confidential information, violation of international law, financial damage to Ukraine, and irreparable damage to the international reputation and relations of our country.

So, in 2009, Ukraine and India signed a five-year contract for $ 397.7 million - to carry out repairs and modernization of 105 transport An-32 Indian Air Force which were purchased back in the Soviet Union at the facilities of the defense industry of Ukraine and India. Under the contract, 45 planes were upgraded at Ukrainian facilities and another 60 aircraft were to be upgraded at facilities in India as part of the cooperation.

In 2019, the Prosecutor General's Office received an appeal No. 31.8 / 146 / 67dsk (dated May 14, 2019) from Vladislav Belbas, the director of Spetstechnoexport, with a request to influence the restoration of the rights and interests of Spetstechnoexport, which were affected during the investigations of NABU headed by Sytnik, and bring the responsible individuals to justice.

The appeal concerned criminal proceedings No. 52016000000000081 dated 03.23.2016, on the grounds of criminal violations provided for in Part 5, Art. 191, part 3 of Art. 209 of the Criminal Code: misappropriation, embezzlement or seizure of property by abuse of official position, and legalization of property obtained by illegal means.

After the opening of this case, NABU officially appealed to the company Hindustan Aeronautics Limited for the contract No. STE-1-228-K / KE-12 dated 09.04.2014, between the SE Spetstechnoexport and the company Hindustan Aeronautics Limited on the supply of bomb racks for aircraft SU-30-MK-1 for a total of $ 10.2 million. The Anti-Corruption Bureau demanded from the two companies the information on the involvement of intermediaries - agents or third parties. It also openly stated that officials of the State Enterprise Spetstechnoexport are suspected of corruption - theft of state funds on an especially large scale.

Therefore, the subordinates of Sytnik deliberately violated international law. They sent a letter not to the authorized bodies of the Republic of India, as provided for by the procedure for obtaining international legal assistance, but directly to a foreign counterparty. Thus, they endangered the international cooperation of our country with another state.

On December 20, 2017, NABU opened another criminal proceeding - No. 52017000000000889, which was investigated on the grounds of the same Part 5 of Art. 191 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. The case concerned the conclusion and execution of contract №Air HQ / S 82891/32 / Eng D3 (T) (AN32RE / 105 - 2009 - 13) STE-1-32-K / KE-09 dated 06.15.2009, between Spetstechnoexport and the Government of India. The total amount according to the contract is about $ 400 million.

During the investigation, NABU employees leaked its details, the disclosure of which was prohibited by the protocol of the interdepartmental commission on the policy of military cooperation and export control No. 76 of 15.02.2018, since the company Spetstechnoexport installed the stamp ‘For official use’ on the documents. The information which was reported to NABU is as follows:

“The pre-trial investigation authorities have been informed about the need to prevent leakage and dissemination of information in relation to enterprises-participants of the state concern Ukroboronprom (this includes Spetstechnoexport), as well as information discrediting officials of these enterprises, prior to the adoption of appropriate decisions by the judicial authorities, since the distribution of such information is used by competitors and special services of other states to discredit the international image of Ukraine. "

However, as a result of the leakage of the aforementioned information, the headquarters of the UPU of India decided to suspend payments under existing contracts for about $ 16 million until the situation finally stabilized and the legality of the conclusion and execution of the contract was established.

After that, on May 31, 2018, the Ukrainian Ambassador to India sent a letter to the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, in which he reported on an article in the Indian media dated 02.13.2018, which describes all the details of the investigation that were leaked by NABU employees.

He also referred to "The statement that the anti-corruption bureau/government suspects Ministry of Defense officials of the of Republic of India of committing corruption crimes, undoubtedly harms the image of our state, creates a negative information background and aims to turn the bureaucratic apparatus of the country of India against Ukraine." This is a quote from an appeal to the Attorney General.

Thus, the actions of NABU, headed at the time by Sytnik, led to the leakage of confidential information.

And the probable suspicions of foreign officials of involvement in committing corruption crimes not only undermine the interests of our state but can also cause multimillion-dollar financial damage, inflicting irreparable harm to the international image of Ukraine.

Andrey Pshenichnyi for