The parliament has failed to approve the government program for the second time, and the Cabinet of Ministers did not receive immunity. Dubinsky explains the situation.

The Verkhovna Rada did not support the updated program of activities of the Cabinet of Ministers. The parliament collected only 207 out of the required 226 votes on June 18. In total, 69 MPs voted against, 60 - abstained, and 30 - did not vote at all.

The factional list of 207 votes in favor of the program is as follows:

• 176 - Servant of the people;

• 17 - group Dovira;

• 8 - non-fractional;

• 6 - Za maybutne.

“Given the current quality of the program, this is still a very high rate of voting. According to my predictions, only 70 people would have voted for it at the beginning of the week,” MP Aleksandr Dubinskyi comments on the situation.

Compared with the original version of the program, which was not supported by the deputies in the first vote on June 4, so the document was expanded from 10 to 85 pages. However, it has not improved qualitatively. It includes the fall in Ukraine’s GDP at the level of 8% according to the forecast of the International Monetary Fund. However, the obligations that the Cabinet of Ministers and other signatories of the Memorandum agreed to on behalf of the people to the IMF are not reflected. In particular, the increase in utility prices, and many other points.

“And it is not a surprise that the submitted program has not been approved. Excuses were made that a decrease of 8% in GDP is the consequence of the coronavirus. But this is not true. These are neither the effects of the coronavirus pandemic nor the economic crisis. These are the consequences of the incompetent economic policy of the Cabinet of Ministers, Prime Minister Denis Shmygal, and his ministers, who do nothing at all to get the economy out of the crisis. And also, to provide a 300% surcharge to the salaries of doctors or the work of the preferential credit program "5-7-9%" to support small and medium-sized businesses. The government does not use the system of state banks to finance the economy and create infrastructure projects. It does nothing but plunders the country's last assets,” Dubinskyi says.

The failure of the government program in the Parliament means that Shmygal‘s Cabinet of Ministers did not receive immunity, and it can be dismissed at any time.

Andrey Pshenichnyi for the site