Petro Poroshenko and Borys Lozhkin failed to pay 80mln USD of taxes out of UMH sale.

UMH became the subject of media interest again after the Prosecutor General’s Office started its endeavors to confiscate this media holding from the young oligarch Serhiy Kurchenko under the pretext that the holding had been purchased by Kurchenko for the money stolen from the Ukrainian budget.

In this regard, it’s important to remember that the money was paid by Serhiy Kurchenko to well-known people. They were former Presidential Administration Head Borys Lozhkin and his partners and Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko. And these individuals decided to ignore paying taxes out of that deal (that was even investigated by Australian authorities for money laundering).

I’m publishing the theses prepared by Oleksiy Filatov, Presidential Administration Deputy Head, (and the curator of my ‘state betrayal’) for Hryhoryi Shverk, Petro Poroshenko Bloc Deputy and junior partner of Borys Lozhkin.

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The theses contain recommendations to Mr. Shverk concerning the comments on UMH sale to the runaway oligarch Serhiy Kurchenko.

I ignore the question why the official of the Presidential Administration and the leader of the judicial reform and ‘fair legal proceedings’ Oleksiy Filatov was engaged in the deal of former Presidential Administration Head Borys Lozhkin (I will get back to this individual in my next publication). And now I dare to focus on several points concerning the taxation of this deal.

There are pieces of advice given by Mr. Filatov to Mr. Shverk:

- to not bring up the issue that transfer of money received from the deal to a trust in order to evade taxation might be unethical;

- to not emphasize that everyone does like that since such actions CAN’T be justified.

That means that the lawyers of Borys Lozhkin (Petro Poroshenko) understood it quite clearly that tax evasion could be justified under no circumstances. However, the bosses chose to evade.

Well, to be honest it was quite a sum and in fact Borys Lozhkin and Petro Poroshenko had to pay almost 80mln USD out of UMH sale to the budget of Ukraine.

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